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Improvisations - Poetic Impressions From Contemporary Music - published 3/2016 - available now from Book Clearing house:

http://www.bookch.com/details. taf?title=Improvisations&book_ id=2666

or Amazon.com


It's Only TV - Poems 2005 -2011 - Published 12/2012 - Available now: From Book Clearing House:



OR: Amazon.Com


 [See a Review of It's Only TV in the Review Section]


The Man With His Back To The Room - Poems 2000 - 2005   Published 6/2006 Available Now. See: Bookshelf     for excerpts & Ordering Information

Intimacies: Prose Poems & Stories   Published 9/2006 Available Now   See: Bookshelf for excerpts & Ordering info.

After Goya - Disasters of War / Escapades / Improvisations - Three new - 2007-08 - 'chapbooks' available ($5.00 US) from rogeraplon@gmail.com (exerpts in Bookshelf )

You can also see the author's latest work in progress in What's New - Work.