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Mustering What's Left - Selected & New Poems - 1976-2017

Sordid Sequences # 3

I am the avenger of lost causes, says never trust strangers. I carry the plans to the next exposition, the future is in my backpack, salvation & brimstone marry in my wake. This is one for the books & Iíve read them all. I especially liked the ones with lots of sucking & fucking & lots of gore. The more the better. Understand, these are the remnants of your fractured civilization. Sorting out those worth saving is my immediate task. Iíll need volunteers. Two men & two women. Youíll be models for whatís to come & become. &. As if an after-thought, he tweaks the cheek of Martyís mom & hauls her off to see his designs & his mysterious garden spoken about in the Big Book. In a matter of minutes, night falls on the town. No one has even hinted at sleep.

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