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The Man With His Back To The Room

A Dressing Gown

It may have once embraced the moist & perfumed skin of a Japanese Geisha as she plucked the strings of her Samisen & sang praises to her prince . . .

It may have served as the leisure robe of a dark-eyed Tahitian goddess as she tempted the passions of a lusty sailor from Lisbon or Marseilles . . .

Its green satin sheen may have once graced the long lean body of a fiery courtesan from Barcelona or Paris or Marrakech . . .

& who will know & who will come to tell.

Today it hangs in the privacy of my bedroom where my lover comes to treat me to her unique & eager style of love &

when she lets it slip Oh so slowly from her shapely shoulders it colors my dreams with its red & yellow peacocks & pheasants & soaring hawks &

as she straddles my mouth & treats my lips to her exposed sex I hear the peacocks scream & feel the hawk’s breath in my ear & it’s then

I roll her on her back & ride into the night remembering the light & tawny lovers of the earth & the dreams each has shared with each.

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