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Intimacies, Prose. Poems and Stories

Eros in his many guises, stalks the pages of this new collection from Roger Aplon. Love, lust and the myriad complications of the human heart are exposed to the reader in series of prose poems and short stories. Fickle, faithful, triumphant or despairing the characters and plots take the reader on an emotional and intellectual journey. Challenging and direct this is a book that remains in the heart and mind long after the last page has been turned.

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Selected Poems
As Our Train Passes
The Giddy Girls
The Meeting

Barcelona Diary
It's Mother's Day
By Dawn's Early Light at 120 Miles Per Hour
The Man With His Back To The Room
Intimacies, Prose. Poems and Stories
Homage to a Widow
It's Only TV
Improvisations - Chapbook
After Goya
Improvisations - From Contemporary Music
Mustering What's Left