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After: ‘Nonet 1, 2 & 3’ No Stars Please Music by The Trummerflora Collective

There are days when running is all you know when running is all you will do & into the night running & gulping for air upstairs & down . . .

There are days when the bells are insistent & never stop & there he is humming to himself & all the kids laugh & he stumbles & cries openly

& there’s the dancer with one good leg & her mother who pushes the cart & Andy the clown in his big blue bubble blowing balloons &

there’s the time I met her in the attic & she played the trumpet & made me lie down on a board of nails & walked on my chest &

I remember the heat of that July night when fireflies were everywhere & Rachel held me close & we told stories about wolves & severed hands

& there’s the auto wreck & the sinking ship & a rattler in the basement & a dead dog in the closet & white rats & a can of kerosene & a match & . . .
take a closer look – this iron key – this bag of clothes – our last hour / take this open palm – my cock in your mouth . . .

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