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as it may be to some – especially those with a horse in his stable or a dog on a leash – he never encouraged fraternizing with the help or the civil guard or even his mother who lived like a queen in his memory right beside the statue of his father that was covered with pigeon shit & never looked his way – No – not once did he let on he’d ever been to Seattle or Nashville or carried a concealed weapon or illegal drugs or a passport from Jamaica – No – when he left this time it would be to climb Kilimanjaro like his son & daughter-in-law but without the vomiting or so he said – & No – he knew better than to explain traveling in winter to anyone who hadn’t – this time he’d take Boris the bulldog & his Colt .45 & wend his way south where continents divide & like those hearty pioneers before him he’ll ransack all he finds / harness an army to do his bidding & without so much as a second glance – liquidate the rest

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