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Barcelona Diary


Summer heat wrings out its share of sweat, drains the flower pots
strung like tinted disco dandies from the byways &
balconies of Barrio Gotic &

Urine / hot behind Eglesia del Pi / rises in waves to wash a passing
supplicant or shopper out for a Sunday
cleansing of spirit & soul //

Urine / by-product of sleeping-it-off in the shaded plaza where Sister
Monica & Sister Ana Maria huddle
like husks in mourning black

to stitch a shroud or tablecloth for supper, sharing water with those
hangers-on who toss on cardboard sheets
or goad a lame setter pup

to nip his mangy shepherd bud // Urine / drunk by The Auspicious Lord
Shiva / a cure for hives, heat rash & sore
gums / ignored by these men &

dogs & the passion of the blessed nuns as charity rises with the heat &
one whiff awakens ancient fears of boundaries
set & has us pass with care.


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