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Barcelona Diary

A large (178 'Entries') collection of bilingual (English/Catalan) poems & prose poems written over a period of two years in Barcelona, Spain. A myriad of voices are employed to explore its days & nights, its streets & back-streets. This is a collage of dreams, fiestas, visions & exhibitions. It is unique in its range, design & stature.

First American Edition (September 2002) Buy Now


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Selected Poems
The Body: Fundacio Joan Miro - An
Tita Avendano
The Beach - Two
There's An Old Man At A Bus Stop
Marc Chagall @ Center Cultural Caixa
Catalunya - An Exhibition
There's An Urgency...In Them
Two Drunks

Barcelona Diary
It's Mother's Day
By Dawn's Early Light at 120 Miles Per Hour
The Man With His Back To The Room
Intimacies, Prose. Poems and Stories
Homage to a Widow
It's Only TV
Improvisations - Chapbook
After Goya
Improvisations - From Contemporary Music
Mustering What's Left